CheatHacker How To DownloadNote: If you could not download file using chrome browser you should Open my website page in a stable Browser such as:

  1. Firefox          2. Internet Explorer          3. Opera

There are 2 options to download the file.

1st Download Link:

From first option of download file you will find with password protected file and you have to extract the zip file first by right click on it.

You don’t worried about how to download from survey. CheatHacker Team want to verify you to see that you are a human or a bot. You must complete a simple and easy survey to unlock the file password.

It will take 3 or 4 minutes to complete all process and you will be able to get the hack tool file without spending your money and their is no hidden charges.

1st Step: You have to download file from my site:

How to download from cheathacker

2nd Step: Extract the zip file.

How to download from cheathacker

3rd Step:

How to download from cheathacker

4rth Step: after extract the file you will see these 2 files.

How to download from cheathacker

5th Step: when you extract, again zip file required password.

How to download from cheathacker

6th Step: In this step you can see in the image that you have to click on the REAdME file and this page will appear, you have to copy this link (blue) and put it in the search bar and survey option will appear, complete the short and free offer and download password file, then enter the password and unlock your tool.

How to download from cheathacker

How to complete a survey:

  1. When you click on the download file, you will see the page with some offers. You have to select which offer you want to complete.
  2. If you don’t want to put your own information to complete the offer , go to and generate your own identity + phone number
  3. Put your info (which you generate) and make it look 100% valid.
  4. If you need phone number use any number from your country phonebook or phone number from
  5. Your downloading will start when your done all process.

How To Download From



  • By completing 1 simple and easy survey you will help our team to stay continue and create new versions…
  • 2nd Link is available for direct download if this link is not working properly then you have to complete the offer which detail you read above. Thanks

2nd Download Link:

When you click on the 2nd download button you will find zip or exe file. You have to extract it (if you find zip) and there is no required complete survey. After extract the file just double click on the file (which will be with name of your downloaded.


If your anti-virus show you that 2nd donloaded file has viruses so ignore it. I promise it will not harm your computer.