How To Install

How To Install:

When you go to any site you will find 2 type of download options on different sites and some site owner required to complete surveys. Where you have put your personal info to download that software. In 2nd category you have choice to download file directly from site’s page. I will try to explain you about this topic little more:

With Survey Download Option:

You have below download option about this type of download option when you click on the download button, one page appears with some offers and you have choice to click one of them and complete it. On that page sometime you have to enter your personal info or sometime you have to enter your mobile number. When you complete their requirements the page have unlock and download file appears to download. This is difficult for some people and mostly people do not want about all these type of download. Now we are including this option and you can find it’s detail here “How To Download“.

Without Survey Download Options:

This option have no requirements about your personal data and when you click on the download button file download directly. If that is zip file you have to unzip first and then install or if that file is in exe format you don’t need to to do anything. Simply install it with double click on it.

How To Install From

Hopefully you people will understand little bit about these type of downloading options. We have also very easy way to download these files, we have no demand and giving you directly download option. You need to download and install the file. It will take couple of minutes to install and you have to wait until complete installation.


May be sometime your anti-virus program show you that this file is viruses or malware. I guaranteed you that you can download and install my tools without any hesitation. It will not dangerous for your windows or systems. Our tools are best for MAC, PC and Laptops, if you install it on them it will work fine.